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VA panel


The full name of VA panel is vertical alignment, which is the panel type widely used in high-end LCD, belonging to wide view panel. There are two kinds of VA, Fujitsu MVA and Samsung PVA. The latter is the improvement and inheritance of the former. Compared with TN, VA has higher contrast, clear and sharp display text, and it can also provide a wider Viewing Angle and better color restoration. The disadvantage is high power consumption and high price, and VA belongs to soft screen, and ripples will appear when gently scratched by hand.

The full name of MVA is multi domain vertical alignment (wide area vertical alignment). It is a multi quadrant vertical alignment technology developed by Fujitsu company. Through technology authorization, Qimei electronics, Youda photoelectric and other enterprises are authorized to produce MVA. However, after the financial crisis, the wide-angle panel manufacturers have encountered a crisis. Qimei and Youda think that MVA has high cost and low profit, so they stop supplying to display manufacturers. LG and Samsung are very market savvy. They used C-PVA and e-IPS with little difference in price and TN to occupy the market of MVA in the past. MVA is characterized by very good visual angle, color and gamut, which is much better than general TN, while the disadvantage is that the Response Time is slightly poor, but the improved p-mva visual angle is close to 178 °, and the response time can be less than 8ms.

The full name of PVA is patterned vertical alignment (vertical adjustment of image), which belongs to the category of va. PVA is the successor and pioneer of MVA, and its comprehensive quality has exceeded that of MVA. The improved S-PVA can even keep pace with p-mva to obtain a very short response time and a very wide viewing angle. PVA uses transparent ITO electrode instead of LCD protrusion in MVA. Transparent electrode can obtain better opening rate, minimize the waste of backlight and reduce the possibility of "bright spot" of LCD. Its position in LCD era is equivalent to "long tube" in picture tube era.

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