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TFT - LCD profile


1. What is TFT-LCD

TFT - Thin film transistor

LCD, Liquid Crystal Display

TFT - LCD (Thin Film Transistor - Liquid Crystal Display), Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display, was born in 1960, through continuous improvement, in 1991 formally applied to commercial laptop. As technology mature gradually, the TFT - LCD in various fields gradually replace CRT products, become the mainstream of Display technology.

LCD display is the advantages of small power consumption, low work voltage, high Resolution, no radiation, the display itself is thin, easy to carry, long service life, etc., because of these advantages, so has been widely used in many fields, such as televisions, monitors, notebook computers, mobile phones, satellite navigation, PDA, etc.

Principle of LCD gray-scale display

LCD can be divided into Normal black mode and Normal white mode. Take Normal white mode as an example: when no operating voltage is applied to the liquid crystal, the bar liquid crystal will be arranged in an almost flat position. When the applied voltage on the LCD, LCD will with voltage of different, standing in different angles, the voltage, the greater the Angle stand more steep, the less light penetrates the upper and lower polaroid, vertical stand, until the liquid crystal light almost can't through, appears as dark state. To display each intermediate grayscale simply on the LCD and corresponding voltage, transmittance as imposed on the Lcd Panel voltage increases and decreases.

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