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Camera Module (CCM)


Camera Module (CCM)

1. IR Filter

This is because the human eye cannot see the infrared light, but the sensor senses it. So the infrared light in the light needs to be filtered out so that the image is closer to what the human eye sees.

Sensors, Sensor

The sensor is the core of the camera. It is responsible for converting optical signals passing through the Lens into electrical signals, and then converting them into digital signals through the internal AD. Each photoreceptor can only sense one kind of light, and these primitive Data are called RAW Data. Raw Data Data through the ISP (can be understood as the Image Sensor Processor, is part of the Sensor module) treatment to restore the three primary colors, that is to say, if a pixel Sensor is R value, then the ISP will be according to the photosensitive around the G, B value, through interpolation and special effects, etc., to calculate the R point G, B value, so that point of RGB is restored, in addition, the ISP still has a lot of operation, which is described below.

Currently, there are two commonly used sensors. One is the CCD (charge coupling) component; One is the CMOS (metal oxide conductor) component.

CCD (Charge Coupled Device), charge-coupled Device sensor:Made of a highly sensitive semiconductor material that converts light into electrical charges that are converted into electrical signals via an ANALOg-digital converter chip. A CCD consists of a number of independent photographic units, usually in megapixels. When a CCD surface is illuminated, each unit reflects a charge onto the component, and the signals generated by all the units add up to a complete picture.

A Complementary Metal Semiconductor (CMOS) is a Semiconductor made of silicon and germanium that coexists with N(-) and P(+) grades on the CMOS, and the current generated by these two Complementary effects can be recorded by the chip and interpreted as an image.

2. Image processing chip DSP

DSP is an important part of CCM. Its function is to transmit the data obtained from the photosensitive chip to the CPU in a timely and rapid manner and refresh the photosensitive chip. Therefore, the quality of THE DSP chip directly affects the picture quality

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