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PCBCS control system


Advantages of PCBCS control system

System design, debugging and maintenance is simple, upper information access is very simple and faster, better design of the entire control system.

Because PCBCS is an open system, engineers can design the entire control system faster and better based on existing technical achievements and related knowledge. The debugging and maintenance of the whole system is also very simple due to the friendly human-machine Interface, simple interface and good universality of components. Also because of PC, information access in the system is very convenient, and the communication between other upper layers is also very simple, relevant information can be done at a glance.

The portability of system software is good

Although PCBCS has greatly reduced the cost in hardware, it has become relatively difficult in software programming. However, the portability of PCBCS system software is good. It is difficult to compile the software only when doing a new project. If there are other related software for reference or upgrading on the basis of existing software, the software will be easy to compile and the new or upgraded software will be easily developed. Based on the existing PCBCS, software development is no longer a problem.

Easy integration of control, human-machine interface and programming functions

Because PC has a good human-machine interface, in the control process, various related information is displayed one by one, making it easy for the operator to operate the whole system and realize the overall control. Eliminate the overall adverse factors of control and complete the control task. Moreover, the operator can also carry on the real-time programming, realizes some other system cannot complete the function

Shortcomings of PC:

For the first time, PC applications are limited in Industrial environments. Industrial site environment is relatively harsh, temperature, humidity, dust, electromagnetic interference and many other adverse factors limit the FIELD application of PC. However, the existing industrial grade PC stability has been very high, can meet most of the requirements of the field. In addition, the existing PCBCS mostly avoid the direct application of PC in the field, and mostly adopt intelligent lower computer, such as PLC or other intelligent equipment, but use PC outside the field to control the whole system through fast communication with it. Moreover, in this mode, the communication between each intelligent device is independent of PC. Failure can immediately isolate the failed module, ensuring the stability of the system and avoiding the direct application of PC in the field.

Secondly, the stability of PC itself has not reached perfect. Although the performance of PC has been greatly improved and its stability has been greatly enhanced, the PC used in PCBCS requires extremely high stability, which is also an important factor restricting the application of PC in control system.

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