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LCD interface


EDP is a kind of communication Interface of computer display screen. The Resolution of COMPUTER using EDP display interface is higher than that of LVDS interface. In general, high-definition screen adopts this communication interface, that is, it can realize the function of "wide Viewing Angle".

EDP and LVDS are video signal interfaces used to connect Touch Screen or display in Industrial PC. The LVDS interface USES a very low voltage swing (about 350mV) to transmit data by differential over two PCB routing lines or a pair of balanced cables, i.e. low-voltage differential signal transmission. It is a digital video signal transmission method to overcome the disadvantages of high power consumption and EMI in TTL level mode. The IPC adopts LVDS output interface, which enables the signal to be transmitted at the rate of hundreds of Mbit/s on differential PCB line or balanced cable. Low voltage and low current driving mode realize low noise and low power consumption.

EDP interface is a fully digital interface based on DisplayPort architecture and protocol. It can transmit high-resolution signals with simpler connectors and fewer pins, and can realize simultaneous transmission of multiple data, so the transmission rate is much higher than LVDS.

EDP interface features:

1. Microencapsulation structure, which can realize simultaneous transmission of multiple data.

2. No LVDS conversion circuit, simple circuit.

3. Small EMI (electromagnetic interference) with powerful copyright protection function.

Take the LCD screen with 1920x1200 resolution and 24bit color as an example. If LVDS interface is used, 20 pairs of data transmission lines are needed. With the eDP interface, only four pairs of wires are needed. It can be seen that the eDP interface has obvious advantages, especially in HIGH-DEFINITION screens.

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